We have our waiting list closed for 2022.
We will reopen our list in Oct 2022 for year 2023.

In our breeding program we have miniature and medium size puppies with fleece, non-shedding coat. Puppies are in different colors from light cream to black.

Before buying a puppy, please consider this decision. Purchase involves many expenses (not just the purchase price) such as veterinary fees, training, possible dog insurance, and plenty of time devoted to the puppy in the first months of life.

Puppy from Amber Australian Labradoodle breeder costs 2 700 EUR. If the puppy has to stay longer than 10-11 weeks with us, additional fees may apply.

The price includes:
– first 2 vaccinations and dewormings
– official ALAEU certified pedigree
– socialization, potty training
– microchip (ISO 16 digital standard) and passport
– early sterilization / castration.
– evaluation of the temperament to match the dog to the family
– two-year health guarantee
– a puppy kit (including a book on puppy care, a blanket and a toy that smells of a mother, a supply of food).
– support and advice from Amber Australian Labradoodles

The price reflects the costs incurred by the breeder for the purchase and testing of breeding dogs and to give for both parents and puppies the best possible conditions in the home environment.

Puppies sold as domestic pets are sterilized.

We also offer dogs for breeding sold under other conditions. If you are interested in breeding Australian Labradoodles, please first read the rules of breeding and the code of ethics: