We are a small home based dog breeder and we have a few litters per year. The usual waiting time for Amber Labradoodle's puppy is 6 to 12 months. We want our dogs to have a good forever home, so we want to get to know the family expecting our puppy.

Please fill in our non-binding application form. Afterwards, we send information about us, puppies available and more movies and photos of our dogs. When you confirm you would like to adopt our puppy, we will send you an initial dog purchase agreement.

Before buying a puppy please consider this decision. The purchase involves many expenses (not just the purchase price), i.e. the fees paid by the vet, training, dog insurance and plenty of time to devote to your puppy in the first months of life.

After puppies are born, we inform future families about the progress of the whole litter. We do not accept bookings for a particular sex (except for breeding dogs or special circumstances). Only at 6-7 weeks we conduct temperament tests of puppies and on this basis, we match the puppy with a family. This requires trust from new family. We have been doing it for many years and see the positive effects of this method.

Puppies are ready to collect at 10-11 weeks of age. We are one of the few breeders that is happy to hold puppies for so long. We believe that longer socialization with dogs and a little more work put by us in the beginning will result in a better socialized dog in the future and will facilitate the start in a new family.

The process of receiving a new dog by the family is carefully planned by us. We always help with the transport of our dogs so that the change of place is as comfortable as possible for our puppies. When giving puppies, we spend hours giving tips and advice. Throughout our lives, Amber Australian Labradoodles is at your disposal and we answer all your questions and doubts