Ideal family companion:

Australian Labradoodles are family friendly dogs that are loyal and obedient pets. They are often trained as assistant dogs or used for nose work, which only proves they love cooperation with humans. Australian Labradoodles are gentle and patient in contact with kids, elderly and other animals.

Australian Labradoodles are intuitive; they can sense our mood and act.
This together with high intelligence can work against us. That is why devoting time for training from the beginning is so important. If you know you cannot find time for that, postpone the decision to get a dog.

Training and early socialization are essential:

Australian Labradoodles are often described as thinking dogs. They can achieve excellent results in obedience training. In one moment they make you laugh like a clown and seconds later, they turn into wise, thoughtful dog.

They have great sense of when to play and when you need their support.
Australian Labradoodle like water and other various forms of fun. For the owner it means a lot of laughter. However, it is important to remember that these dogs are social dogs, and when they are ignored for too long, they can draw attention.

Australian Labradoodles have a strong instinct of retrieving. They can retrieve object for hours. This also means that these dogs can catch the owner by the sleeve. Our dog usually wants to take us somewhere, show us something, or let us know that it's time for his walk.

All these qualities make Australian Labradoodle the perfect candidate for a family member for those who are looking for a wise and dedicated four-legged friend.