About Amber Labradoodles

We are a small, home based breeder of mini and medium Multi-generation Australian Labradoodles in Gdynia, Poland.

All of our dogs are raised in our home as part of our family or live in a foster home as part of a foster family. Our first puppies were born in 2010. We have 3 breeding girls living in our home.
Health of our dogs:

Health of our breeding dogs and their puppies is very important for us. We health test our dogs before any of them becomes a parent. Amber Australian Labradoodles are a member of ALAEU, which checks if we fulfil rigorous Code of Ethics. We keep the gene pool of our dogs wide so that the probability of the genetic diseases in the lowest.

Food we feed our dogs in also of key importance to us. It has great influence on the health of the parents and puppies. Our dogs receive the best human grade quality wet food, without chicken (turkey and venison meat) in order to lower the probability of food allergies of our puppies.

Puppy socialization:

All our puppies are raised in our home with me, my husband and 2 kids. Amber puppies have contact with people and home environment from the moment they are born.

Proper socialization is the key issue in raising the puppies during first 12 weeks. We make sure your puppy is socialized with young kids, different people, animals and other factors.
Puppies visit our vet regularly so he watches over their proper development. They come spay/neutered and micro-chipped, with all de-wormings and immunizations up to date before they leave us. We drive with them in a car, go for a walk, start potty training as soon as they are 4-5 weeks old and we do basic leash training.

Between week 10 and 11 puppies are ready to leave us and thanks to all the efforts and trainings, they are material for the ideal family member.

Help and support:

For many families, Australian Labradoodle is their first dog. Therefore, we offer help in both preparing for pet and in taking care of the puppy after the move. We prepare all necessary documents, such as EU passport and pedigree of the dog.

Our puppies undergo a temperament tests in week 7. They are performed by a professional dog trainer. Based on the outcome, we match a given puppy with the future family. Such tests also allow us to work better with each of the puppy knowing individual needs until the puppy leaves our home.

Kennel and farm breeding:

We also warn families looking for a new family member against dishonest breeders who are exploiting dogs. Please always visit the breeder and see the conditions in which dogs and puppies are kept, or at least talk to someone who was in the breeding. Met the parents of their dog and demand the presentation of the original health certificates. Proper socialization and dog cleanliness in the first 3 months of his life shape him for life.

Our passion and effort put into the upbringing of our puppies translates into your satisfaction with the new family member.