Who am I?

My name is Anne Jeziorowska. I live with my husband and two kids in Gdynia, Poland.
Animals have always been my passion.
When I lost my first beloved dog, medium schnauzer, due to genetic disease, I was only interested in finding the healthiest dog breed. Most of dog breeds are now ill due to limited gene pool. Then, by chance, I found Australian Labradoodles.

In case of Australian Labradoodles, only healthy, which means health tested dogs, become breeding dogs. Due to limited number of breeders I waited for my first dog for quite a long time. I graduated in biotechnology. Also, we live in a house surrounded by forest with a big garden, so the conditions are perfect for breeding these wonderful dogs.

In 2009 my first breeding girl Brownie came to our home, and we fell in love. Since then, I and my dogs took part in various trainings, including obedience and nose work training. Australian Labradoodles as non-shedding and hypo allergic dogs proved to be very important for my family as both my husband and son developed various allergies.

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are born in our home, with our family, under constant supervision and care. All our dogs have plenty of space to run and play, which ensures good mental health and a happy life. Our dogs live with us or with our foster families, which provides they receive the attention and care they need.

Dogs became my greatest passion. Our mission is to keep the consistent Australian Labradoodle traits.