Amber Labradoodle is breeding quality medium and miniature Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles. These dogs are allergy / asthma friendly and non-shedding working dogs.

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About us


Amber Labradoodles is the first small and medium Australian Labradoodles breeder in this part of Europe. Labradoodles are allergy friendly working dogs. For this bred, character and health has always been priority. That is why Australian Labradoodle breeders offer a health guarantee and have a very strict code of ethics.


Why Australian Labradoodles?


I decided to breed these fabulous dogs for couple of reasons. The first, and for me the most important was the outstanding health of this breed. Whoever lost a pet as a result of a long and painful disease knows why. That is why, when I started to look for a perfect bred for me, health was the top priority. Unfortunately, it appeared that all older breeds are affected with a various genetic diseases. In case of Australian Labradoodles, only healthy dogs were reproduces from the very beginning, so these dogs are long living, healthy pets.

Another reason is the unique temperament of Australian Labradoodle. They belong to the working dogs group and they origin from Poodle and Labrador Retriever, two the most intelligent dog breeds. They absolutely adore each living creature. Moreover, they learn very fast and are not aggressive. Of course, allergy friendly, non shedding coat is also very important.




Now, we have 3  female dogs and one male in the breeding programme. And additional 5 females are living in foster homes near us. Other dogs will join us later. However, all dogs will be kept at home. In case of Australian Labradoodles “Guardian Family” programme is very successful and no kennels are allowed. Being among people is very important for the socialization of puppies, which will later come to your home. Moreover, Amber Labradoodles are located in Northern Poland, close to the sea and forest. There is also a cat in the house so puppies will be also used to other animals. We also have small kids so they are also helping to socialize puppies with children.


Our Dogs:


Brownie (Tora Creafofbritish Creme de la Creme)- born 1st June 2009, is for now our only breeding dog. She is a beautiful medium ALF6 Australian Labradoodle. She is well tempered and fun loving dog. She graduated obedience classes. She is free form dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). She had her last litter in December 2015 and she is now retired.



Coco (Amber Coco Pops)- born on 06.11.2011. She is a daughter of Brownie and Manorlake Blackberry. She has extraordinary dark chocolate coat. She also inherited her temperament and willingness to learn from her mother. She has already completed her health test and she is our second breeding girl. born on 07.12.2013.







Amber Dixie - born on 07.12.2013. She is a daughter of Brownie and Manorlake Blackberry. She has lavender coat. She has already completed her health test and she is our third breeding girl.

Amber Elma - born on 30.05.2014. She is a daughter of Amber Coco and Canadoodle Dora's Way Cool Darcy (Guus). She has dark chocolate, wavy coat.  She has already completed her health test and she is our fourth breeding girl.

Amber Black Rose (Kofi) - born on 01.05.2015. She is a daughter of Amber Coco and Fern Ridge Drum Roll (Colonel) . She has back, wavy coat. 

Amber Michalina- born 29.12.2015

Amber Black Note- born 13.04.2016

Amber Kala - born 08.01.2017

Happy Doodle Ginger Lilly PennyAli's Chocolate Pudding  - born on 20.09.2015. She is a red caramel medium Australian Labradoodle with wavy coat.

PennyAli's Chocolate Pudding - born on 21.02.2015. He is a brown miniature Australian Labradoodle from UK (Lisa's Miniature Labradoodles). His father is doodleDogs Cute as a Button and mother is PennyAli's Dior. After completion of health tests he will be available as a stud to approved breeding programmes.

Alf (Manorlake Golden Globetrotter)- born on 20.10.2012 came to us all the way from USA. He is a large miniature caramel wavy fleece boy. He has insufficient hip scores and is desexed. Alf lives nearby in foster family.




Code of ethics is available at : alaeu website