Amber Labradoodle is breeding quality medium and miniature Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles. These dogs are allergy / asthma friendly and non-shedding working dogs.

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There are so many Labradoodle types out there, that is why I wanted to place a grading scheme on my website. True Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle comes after a number of crosses. It has got completely different traits than Labradoodle origin (F1) generation.


Any Labradoodle, e.g. English Labradoodle is only a cross between Labrador and Poodle.

That is why many Labradoodles still shed and do not have the same temperament and look characteristics. 

A true Australian Labradoodle is a carefully crossed only between the breed from 2004, having same temperament and looks.


Below you can find an explanation.


LO = Labradoodle Origin (prior to 6 generations).

1 - 6 = Generation

pp = Parent Breed Poodle

L = Purebred Labradoodle

ALF = Australian Labradoodle Foundation (An ALF is made up of at least 3 parent breeds). 

1 - 6 = Generation

pp = Parent Breed Poodle

pr = Parent Breed Labrador Retriever

ps = Parent Breed Cocker Spaniel


Breeding any generation dog to a dog below its generation will result in the puppies carrying one above the lower generation dog.

Grade  Description                                                                      Result from Breeding


LO1      First generation Labradoodle Origin           Labrador Retriever x Poodle (LO1 is also known as F1)

LO2      Second generation Labradoodle Origin                                      LO1 x LO1 generation or higher (LO2 is also known as F2)

LO2pp Second generation Labradoodle Origin Poodle cross                    LO1 x Poodle (LO2pp is also known as F1b)

LO3      Third generation Labradoodle Origin                                        LO2 x LO2pp or LO2 x LO2 generation or Higher (LO3 is also know as F3)                                                                      

LO3pp Third generation Labradoodle Origin Poodle cross                      LO2 x Poodle

LO4      Fourth generation Labradoodle Origin                                      LO3 x LO3pp or LO3 x LO3 generation or higher

LO4pp Fourth generation Labradoodle Origin Poodle cross                    LO3 x Poodle

LO5      Fifth generation Labradoodle Origin                                        LO4 x LO4pp or LO4 x LO4 generation or higher

LO5pp Fifth generation Labradoodle Origin Poodle cross                      LO4 x Poodle

LO6/L1 Sixth generation Labradoodle Origin or Purebred Labradoodle   LO5 x LO5pp or LO5 x LO5 generation or higher. An LO6 would be classified as a purebred Labradoodle, which is graded L1.


ALF2      Second generation Australian Labradoodle                            LO1 x ALF3 generation or higher


ALF3      Third generation Australian Labradoodle                              ALF2 X ALF2 or LO2 x ALF3 generation or higher

ALF3pp Third generation Australian Labradoodle Poodle cross            ALF2 x Poodle

ALF4      Fourth generation Australian Labradoodle                        ALF3 x ALF3 or ALF3pp x ALF3 or LO3 x ALF3 generation or higher                             

ALF4pp Fourth generation Australian Labradoodle Poodle cross          ALF3 x Poodle

ALF4 or LO4 x ALF4 generation or higher.


True AL- true Australian Labradoodle, next to 4th Generation.