Amber Labradoodle is breeding quality medium and miniature Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles. These dogs are allergy / asthma friendly and non-shedding working dogs.

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Australian Labradoodle - Is it The Breed for You?

Every dog breed has its pro's and con's which relate to its suitability for your family's dynamics.  This page provides an overview, and takes a look at both the pros and the cons.

This breed needs close human companionship and to live as real family members in order to reach their full potential,

The Australian Labradoodle is Not a Designer Dog! It is a purpose - bred dog, and not a whim of fashion.

Is the Australian Labradoodle the Breed for You?

Some families choose the Australian Labradoodle because of its allergy friendly and non shedding coat.  But it is important before you commit to this breed, that you take some time to consider your other needs as they apply to a new dog in your home.  How will this dog fit in with the dynamics of your family?   

 This page is a review of the characteristics  of the Australian Labradoodle breed. Please read it carefully before making your decision to add an Australian Labradoodle to your home.


Important Reminder

It is important to remember  that the traits listed are for Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle.   F1's, Back crosses and American mixes are not the same dog and there will be variables to be taken into account.   This site refers only to the original   ASD Australian Labradoodle as founded by Rutland Manor Breeding and Research Center in Australia.  





Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles have a better than 99% success rate.  BUT we highly recommend that if severe allergies are a concern, you should make every effort to meet an Australian Labradoodle in person before making your decision. 

The meeting should be in a controlled environment and in a place where other kinds of dogs don't frequent and where there are no cats living in order to give you a true reading.  In rare instances some people can be allergic to dog saliva and if so, then the coat qualities of our dogs may not be enough to keep you and your family safe.


1.  An exceptionally high level of Intuition.

This sounds like an admirable trait, and so it can be, if you understand the pros and cons!

Australian Labradoodle seeks eye contact with humans, looks deeply into your eyes, rather than 'at' you and intuitively tunes in to your emotions.  Offers solace for grief, wants to cheer you up when you are sad,  by being goofy and bringing a smile to your face, and wants to be gentle and close to you when you are ill.  They make superlative Therapy and Service Dogs.

The Australian Labradoodle's unique connectedness to humans makes them yearn to be near you.  The cruelest thing that could happen to the Australian Labradoodle would be to deprive it of human companionship.  If you want a dog to live outside and are not prepared to put in the time and effort to make it a true family member then you should not consider an Australian Labradoodle.

Because the Australian Labradoodle is so intuitive and connected to humans, it just naturally watches your body language. They need early training otherwise they will outsmart you in a heartbeat even as a little puppy.  Training is imperative and if you are not able to commit to training from the time your puppy arrives then you should consider another breed.


2.  Non Shedding and Unique Allergy Friendly Coat

No doggy smell, no hairs on clothes or furniture, frequent bathing is not necessary and in fact can cause coat problems such as removing the natural dirt repelling coating and causing matting.

All dogs go through a change from their puppy coat to adult coat.  With shedding breeds the puppy coat falls out and only needs to be brushed away.  With a non shedding coat, the puppy coat needs to be literally stripped out with the appropriate grooming tools, otherwise excessive matting occurs which then requires a complete shaving off.  This puppy to adult change of coat can begin any time from ten months old through to fourteen or fifteen months in the Australian Labradoodle and this period is a time of high coat maintenance if you don't want to shave your dog.

There are two coat types, Wool and Fleece.  Curly Fleece coats need to be trimmed or clipped just like the Wool coats.  This needs to be done two to three times each year.  (The Poodle needs this coat clipping every six to eight weeks).  Wavy Fleece coats are lower maintenance but are still being developed as a work in progress and the occasional one may still shed slightly.


3.  Water Loving

They love to swim and many families enjoy taking them boating and swimming in pools, lakes and in the ocean.

They will often play in water wherever they can find it.  Paddle in their water bowls, splashing water all over the kitchen floor, make a game of the garden sprinklers, and play in puddles.


4.  Goofy fun loving Nature

They have a HUGE sense of fun and sense of humor.  They actually love to see you laugh or smile and will go to enormous lengths to amuse you, which is very endearing trait.  If they think you are taking no notice of them for too long, they will look at you over their shoulder with a mischievous grin while they carry off something they know they shouldn't have, in their mouths and play a game of 'catch me if you can'.  They seldom chew the object, but will take it just to make you take notice them.  It's done in fun, but it could  be very annoying to some people.


5.  Strong Retrieving Instinct (soft mouthed)

Keep the children amused playing games of fetch.  Excel at advanced obedience, are easily trained as Service Dogs who retrieve objects for the disabled.

This also means that they can be 'mouthy' and inclined to take your wrist or clothing (gently) in their mouths to lead you somewhere.  Inexperienced dog people can mistake this 'mouthiness' as biting especially in young puppies.



1.  Temperament can be either mellow or active.  It is important to tell your breeder what you want to do with your dog.  Agility and Advanced Obedience require a more active mind than a dog whose family wants a mellower companion.

2. It's important to know the difference between physical activity and mental activity.  An extreme of physical exercise will not provide the mental stimulation needed by an active MIND.



If you are prepared to dedicate the first twelve months with your puppy to TRAINING then you will have a superlative family companion second to none.   If you are not, then you should seriously consider a different breed.

A well bred Australian Labradoodle is as equally content to lay with you for hours as he/she is to respond to your whim to go outside and enjoy some fun and games, or go hiking or jogging.  Your breeder should temperament test their puppies to ensure that the best match is made for you and your new puppy.

Good luck with your decision, and whichever breed you decide to go with, we would like to wish you many happy years with your new doggie family companion.