Amber Labradoodle is breeding quality medium and miniature Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles. These dogs are allergy / asthma friendly and non-shedding working dogs.

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Australian Labradoodles were originally bred as service dogs for people with dog related allergies. They started as a mix of Poodles and Labrador Retrievers and over the years have had infusions of English and American cocker spaniel, Irish water spaniel, and, recently, Irish soft coated wheaten.


Australian Labradoodle Temperament


The Australian Labradoodle has a lovely, sweet, and gentle temperament. They are non-aggressive, sensitive dogs with an intuitive intelligence that makes them easy to train even as little puppies. Perhaps the most surprising thing is just how people-oriented and loyal they are. If you are considering adopting an Australian Labradoodle, you must be prepared to have a constant companion that follows you from room to room, is always searching for eye contact, and wants to lay on your feet or rest his head on your lap. Although his looks are endearing, it is his temperament and personality that will captivate you.




Australian Labradoodles come in three sizes. According to the ILA/ALAA, the following are the breed standards for size:

· Mini - Height: 14 to 16 inches, not over 17" from wither to ground (35cm to 42cm),

     Weight: 15 - 25 pounds at maturity (6-12kg).

· Medium - Height: 17 to 20 inches, not over 21" from wither to ground (43cm to 52cm), Weight: 30 - 45 pounds at maturity (13-20kg).

· Standard - Height: 21 to 24 inches, not over 25" from wither to ground (53cm to 63cm) Weight: 50 - 65 pounds at maturity (22-30kg).

The ILA considers undersize and oversize to be a major fault. Proportion should be a 10:12 ratio of height to length.




Australian Labradoodles come two types of coats, wool or fleece, and earlier generation labradoodles can exhibit the third type of labradoodle coat which is called a hair coat.

· Wool: Like the texture of lamb's wool, the coat is soft, not harsh or coarse, and curly to loose waves. This coat is believed to be the best choice for allergy and asthma sufferers as it is reliably non shedding. This is a low to no odor coat.

· Fleece: A soft textured coat that can range from straight wavy to spiral curls. It should not feel harsh or coarse. This coat is also reliably non shedding in the Australian lines and is generally a fine choice for those with allergies or asthma. This is a low to no odor coat.


Australian Labradoodles come in the following colors:

·  Chocolate

·  Cafe

·  Parchment

·  Lavender

·  Caramel

·  Cream

·  Chalk

·  Gold/Apricot

·  Red

·  Black

·  Blue

·  Silver

Colors of Cafe, Chocolate, Caramel, Parchment and Lavender have liver colored noses, lips and eye rims. Gold, Apricot, Red, Black, Blue, and Silver have black noses, lips and eye rims. Cream and Chalk may have either black or liver pigmentation.